The grocery store hides memories from Chengdu 30 years ago
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The alley in Chengdu is an enigmatic existence.
Not only can there be a delicious 100-year-old store hidden in the alley
And a little store full of feelings.
Just stay there and wait for you to find out.
They're like a concentrated little world.
A memory, a feeling.

Hidden in the city center, with memories from 30 years ago

Fairy's cabin.

Next door to Chunxi Road, there is a college street. In my impression, he is one of the most "magical" alleys in Chengdu. The fairy's cabin is hidden in this alley. It is not easy to find here. It is even harder to enter the cabin and climb a steep escalator.

A few square meters of space contains an old wooden table from the 1970s, an old sofa and a bunch of "old things." Seven or eight people sit together and look crowded, but it is just such a small room that brings back many memories of my childhood.

The old color TV set, one of the necessary three-piece sets for my parents to get married, is said to be older than I am, but it can still release pictures.

Seeing it, Kodak's film, which was "meat pain," was beaten when he was a child because he was playing with the film. Hypnotic artifact -- cassette machine. When I don't want to do homework during the summer vacation, I lie in a bamboo chair and cover the sun with newspapers. There is a "Reproduction of Yesterday" inside the cassette. I don't understand English, and the sun, no more than 5 minutes, I must fall asleep.

When I was a child, the photos were all film cameras. There was no P-map. My black history was all from it. The cabin has a few decades of old things in Chengdu and will hold "mini viewing" activities from time to time. Seven or eight people sit around together, with a dozen inches of old antique movies, eating the master prepared snacks, lazy and comfortable.
TIPS: The cabin has limited reception capacity and only shows old movies from time to time. Therefore, friends who want to cross the last century must make an appointment in advance.
A loving boss, a handiwork lover's paradise.
Grocery Shop No. 6
The No. 6 grocery store is also a small shop in the community. It followed the navigation in the alley for a long time before it was found. The facade is not conspicuous. It takes attention to find it. I also accidentally found this shop during a stroll.

The grocer's boss is a talkative and passionate person, and you are welcome to chat even if you don't go shopping.

The things in the store are shopkeepers all over the country, hair cards, cloth shoes, cloth bags, pottery pots, etc., and the shopkeepers will also receive something of a public nature to sell in the store. It is very caring.

There is also a major feature in the store is cloth, Chongming earth cloth(that year, the same month was spent, selling one foot less than one foot), the handwork cloth of the non-relics, and the unique style of cloth ribbons can be found here. The most important thing is The price is still very conscience.
Boss Niang shop to see the mood, want to make an appointment in advance.
A vibrant museum of nature
Stone Park
The barren stone park is the largest of the three grocery stores, and it is also the best to find. At the beginning, it was also hidden in Xiaotong Lane. Later, it moved to the Wuli Creative Park.


It's like a museum of nature in the Stone Park, where you have to remember every stage of plant life and feel the tenacity of life.

And there is also coffee, dessert, handmade, and friends to meet in the afternoon is best.

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